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Where balmy summer nights have us staying up with the stars, winter’;s short days, dark evenings and general chilliness has us saying a polite no thanks to night’;s out, and a hearty yes to comfy pyjamas, cups of cocoa and early nights.

To get that comfort level right, your bedroom needs a few seasonal additions, and it’;s not just about bundling yourself up in layers. As expert loungers and snoozers, we’;ve got a few tips to maximise your winter bedroom’;s cosy potential, help you sleep comfortably during the colder monthsaccent pillow case baby boudoir, and take the edge off those early mornings.

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The perfect winter bed doesn’;t have just one layer of cosiness, but envelops you in 360°of comfort. Unwinding after a busy day is much easier if you feel like you’;ve landed on a supportive yet marshmallow-soft surface from the moment you lie down. To achieve this, you’;ll need the help of a mattress topper. They’;re easily added to the top of your mattress with straps that hook over the corners, and once that’;s done you can make your bed as normal. Not only will a mattress topper help you feel warmer at night, it’;ll breathe new life into your old mattress, helping to support your body comfortably all night so you wake up rested.

Cocooned in a fluffy duvet and nestled amongst plump pillows and cushions is our favourite way to enjoy an early night or long, luxurious lie-in.? And lie-ins are allowed because we’;re preserving energy for vital winter survival tasks like chopping wood and doing the weekly shop.

Switch to a high tog or all-season duvet over the winter. Duvets come with a tog rating to indicate how warm they are, with 15 being the highest. Winter duvets (aka high tog duvets) have a 10.5 to 15 tog rating, but everyone is different so bear in mind how hot you get when you sleep before going straight for the highest rating. Winter duvets are often thicker, but it’;s best to look out for a high tog rating rather than grabbing the thickest one, as some duvets contain clever fibres that give high levels of warmth compared to the thickness of the filling.

Once you’;ve got your duvet sorted, cover it in something super soft. Bed linen sits against your skin all night, so opting for thicker, more luxurious feel of high thread counts and brushed cottons?is a good investment in your comfort. Get some good quality, snug bedding and you’;ll get that ‘;ahhhh’; feeling as soon as you fold back the covers.

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The dreamiest winter beds are beautifully layered with sumptuous blankets, throws and bedspreads.?The right throw can lend a high-end finishing touch, and if you’;re wondering why this cosy accessory is always shown folded at the end of the bed, the reason is practical as well as pretty. Keep a blanket at your feet and it’;s in easy grabbing reach –; fab for quick extra layer of warmth in the middle of the night.

Add thermal curtains to your sleep space and they’;ll make a big difference to your room temperature. Thermal curtains are great insulators, forming a barrier to help retain warmth in the room, which means they help to keep your bedroom cosy for longer and could help to keep your heating bills down too.

That first step onto the cold floor… eep! We accept that it’;s cold in winter, but sometimes it gets so chilly overnight we can’;t face poking a single toe out of the bed in the morning. If this sounds familiar, we highly recommend adding a rug to warm your floor up. Even if you have carpeted floors, the fluffy pile of a rug is a lovely sensation for your feet first thing. If this little slice of tootsie heaven sounds too fleeting, use it as stepping stone to reach a comfy pair of slippers, or commit fully to foot warmth with soft socks.

Setting the scene will help you get in the mindset for a cosy, relaxed night.

In winter, you can indulge in darker coloured bedding in luscious jewel shades and homely earthy tones, and combined with the season’;s gloomy evenings they take on an enticing appeal. There’;s a reason Christmas colours feel so warming –; when it’;s cold outside, a deep red colour scheme warms things up no end.

Then there’;s lighting –; number one on the ambience list. While you’;re winding down, candles are a great choice for a warm, gentle glow, and they create the perfect pre-bed mood especially if they have a relaxing scent.

Make sure you have lighting options beside your main light overhead. It’;s probably too bright for just before bedtime and turning it off usually means walking across the room, which is the last thing you’;ll want to do when you’;re settled. Bedside table lamps are perfect for a little reading before bed, and are easier on the eyes when you’;re getting sleepy.

Some of our favourite cosy bedroom comforts:

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