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accent pillow case baby boudoir Celebrating mothers with Elisa Sawyer accent pillow case baby

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Travelling with her little family in tow, we talk to Elisa about the adventures of motherhood whilst on the road.

You’ve recently just spent three months on the road with your family, how is it travelling with four children?

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It’s beautiful, watching your kids grow and adapt to their surroundings on the road is something very special. It was great to see them use nature as their playground and learn how the world works outside the classroom walls and we really were able to slow down and connect as a family.

Travelling with four kids doesn’t come without its challenges, some days can leave you feeling completely exhausted and pushed to your limits while others are special beyond words and these are the days that you will remember forever.

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What are some of the best moments from travelling with your little ones?

Waking up every morning with no urgency. Usually with a little arm or leg wrapped around youaccent pillow case baby boudoir, knowing that you will be spending the day together exploring new beaches, mountains and little towns. Watching the sun disappear and sitting around the campfire telling our stories from the day and if we were lucky, cooking some fresh fish that the kids had caught that day. Every moment was an adventure for the kids and as simple as these moments may have been, my husband and I got to share and relive our childhood through them.

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Packing lightly is key, how do you refine your essentials list when trying to pack?

Packing lightly is very much the key when it comes to six people. Comfort is on the top of my list when travelling, so cosy basics like my favourite set of soft pyjamas (also great for long car rides!), warm jackets and socks, good walking shoes, beach attire and my eye mask is a must, sometimes the sun is a little more eager to start the day than I am!

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What’s the greatest thing about being a mother?

Being a mum gives you the greatest sense of purpose and fills your life with substance. Having four little people that love and need you completely fills my heart and there is no better feeling then watching them grow into amazing human beings.

I love watching their excitement for life and it is completely contagious and so much fun, even though I’m getting older I feel younger everyday.

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