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accent pillow case baby boudoir DIY Dried Flower Bouquet customized gifts for mom

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Growing up I can remember the garage clothesline being filled with clean laundry and bouquets of flowers hanging upside down. My mom said she was first inspired to do it from an old movie (I can’;t remember which). You may have noticed from this photo of my living room that I’;ve adopted this habit and use the bouquets to decorate my place. I think it’;s partly because when I receive a beautiful bouquet, it’;s just too hard to toss it away.

You might recognize these particular Glasswing Floral bouquets from our Mother’;s Day bouquet and May Day posts. Speaking of which, if you received a beautiful Mother’;s Day bouquetaccent pillow case baby boudoir, this is a great way to preserve it.

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Find out how to make a DIY Dried Flower Bouquet after the jump…;

First, you want to remove any excess leaves from the stem. Trim the stems, but no less than six inches down from the top.

Wrap a few together with twine or a rubber band and hang to dry in a dark place with good air circulation. I hung mine in a closet, but you can also do an attic or garage. You will want to keep them there for about 2-3 weeks until they are completely dry.

If you want, you can spray them with hairspray afterwards to keep them intact.

Afterwards, use the dried flowers to decorate your home by hanging them on the walls. I also like to use them to decorate birthday gifts.

I was excited when Melissa of The Inspired Room invited me to take the Love Your Home Challenge inspired by her new book!?I share her?philosophy that little adaptations can?help you love the home you have. Since our move last July, our goal has been to maximize features we love & minimize those we don’t.?A few?of the things that we’ve done to date to help us love our home is simply painting our screened in porch, giving it a total transformation, adding a recessed curtain rod to minimize a dated 70’s window, & updating hardware to give it a more classic look. A simple fern in the fireplace made me look at it in a different perspective, erasing my plans to whitewash the brick & embrace it as is!

Although not always, design inspiration often comes from an individual fabric, texture, image or experience. However great a starting point this is; the difficultly is turning this basic idea in to a beautiful and practical interior design scheme that is reflected in the fabric, wall covering, furniture, lighting and layout of the room. Consequently, to enable you to take this step, gather together a collection of visual stimuli and begin to work your way through it having the original inspiration piece in front of you r at the forefront of your mind. When looking through your collection consider each image, object and picture in terms of three things:

Like so many people, we neglected the design of our master bedroom for the nearly 5 years we’ve been living in our home. Sure, we've tackled projects here and there in our master bedroom like the DIY frames we made for all that art, our DIY fireplace, the installation of our gorgeous skylights, but it's been very piecemeal. We decided it was finally time to really FINISH the space. We partnered withHayneedlefor our family room design and makeover, and I'm so excited to show you how it turned out!

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