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accent pillow case baby boudoir Evolution of an Embroidery Design decorative pillow shams

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Here’;s a note from Morian?Whaley, an artist at OESD:

Hello! I want to give a little information on a new embroidery collection that I drew. “;Dashing Through the Snow,”; OESD collection #12359accent pillow case baby boudoir, is a large tiling scene consisting of 24 tiles (not including the border).

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I’;m really excited about how this collection turned out. After drawing for embroidery for five years it’;s still amazing to see artwork be transformed into an embroidery design, and even cooler to see those designs get put together to make something! Before drawing this collection I was given no instructions other than to draw a Christmas or holiday-themed tiling scene. I immediately pictured a big, snowy scene with a spirited horse pulling an old-fashioned sleigh through the snow. (I’;m a huge horse lover, so any time I get to work horses into my artwork I do!) I was inspired to put a covered bridge in the picture by my mother —; she loves covered bridges and has a beautiful painting of a snow-covered?bridge which has hung in her dining room for as long as I can remember.

To start with I made a rough sketch of the whole scene:

Then I did some tweaking and added some color:

After the whole scene is drawn it’;s given to the digitizer. (Who, I have to say, translated it beautifully!) Then everything gets stitched out and put together, and voila!

Welcome to week five of our Indie Garment Pattern Tour with SeamstressErin. This week we’ll take a peek at designers who focus on a specific activities or body types – menswear, sports apparel, lingerie and such.?We hope you’ve enjoyed this review of indie pattern designers and are inspired to start making items to add to your wardrobe!

From delicate paisley floral to vibrant abstract stripes patterns appear in nearly every element and style of interior design. Although often bright and eye-catching pattern is also present in a subtle corduroy material or a tiled kitchen wall. Appreciating and utilising these patterns to your advantage is what makes for intelligent and highly cohesive interior design.

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