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accent pillow case baby boudoir Exploring Sewing Cabinets and Tables decorative pillow shams

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When Renae Allen – quilter, author, teacher, and BERNINA National Artisan – needed a new sewing cabinet, she went straight to the source!

When I pulled the new BERNINA 820 out of the box I discovered it was too big for my sewing table opening and too heavy to be safe on a folding table. That’s when I went looking for cabinets! I checked out the place I bought my first cabinet 30 years earlier and discovered new ownership and wonderful new products. Recently Chris Calloway, owner and CEO of Fashion Sewing Cabinets of Americaaccent pillow case baby boudoir, took me on a tour of their state-of-the-art facility where cabinets and tables are built. Their product lines are beautiful, innovative, excellent quality, and made in the USA –?Orem, Utah to be exact!

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As sewing machines have evolved with new technology and consumer preferences, so have sewing cabinets and tables. There needs to be something for everyone and sometimes wants and needs change with time, means, and skills. My first cabinet worked great until I started machine quilting and I needed more table surface to support the weight of the quilt. Since I had a dedicated sewing space then I purchased a large sewing table with a drop leaf on the back for quilting.

The BERNINA?820 changed the game again. This time I needed the larger opening and drop leaf but I also wanted storage space and a surface area to right of my machine. The 7010 fulfilled my wish list, plus some bonus features such as the electric lift and beautiful wood.

Let’s explore some sewing cabinet questions and options before our picture tour of the Fashion Sewing Cabinets facility.

Why do I choose to put my sewing machines in a cabinet and/or table?

Because a sewing cabinet or table . . .

Isn’t a cabinet or table expensive?

Don’t cabinets take up a lot of space?

What are some different features which are available on cabinets?

What if I have an oversized machine like the?BERNINA 830 or 820?

What are some alternatives to sewing tables and cabinets?

How do I purchase a cabinet, table, or extension table from Fashion Cabinets of America?

Picture Tour of Fashion Sewing Cabinets of America

Fashion Sewing Cabinets has been designing, manufacturing and selling fine sewing and craft furniture for over 53 years. Their production facilities are located about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City in Orem, Utah which just happens to be where I grew up.

CNC 1 Router?– The cabinets start at this CNC 1 (Computer Numerical Control) router which cuts cabinets from large sheets of material. ?

CNC 2 Machine –?This CNC 2 machine is more for the odd size pieces and does operations such as boring holes in the edges of pieces cut on CNC 1, and also?cuts all of the inserts.?

Vacuum Press?– Pieces with waterfall edges, rounded parts or designs are sprayed with a heat-activated glue and laid out on the press. A sheet of lamination plastic is laid on top and the bed moves into the machine for heating and vacuum-forming to the shapes.?

Metal Shop?– Nearly every metal part is made in Fashion Cabinet’;s metal shop. From small brackets to the electric lift, they stamp, press, cut, chop, weld and powder coat their parts here. Some pieces are pre-cut by laser off site.?

Assembly 1?– Larger cabinets are assembled by master assemblers. Meticulous and painstaking, they put their hearts into every cabinet. ?The white cabinet doors were made on the vacuum press while the solid wood cabinet was stained and finished in the wood shop.

Assembly 2?– Smaller cabinets and tables are assembled in this area. ?In addition to producing their own product lines, Fashion Sewing Cabinets also does some mass production of tables and cabinets for other companies.

Finally the products are boxed and prepared for shipping. Eventually they end up providing a home for our sewing machines!

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