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accent pillow case baby boudoir Going Green – Part 1 – 10 Steps To Add Spring Freshness To Your Rooms funny cushion covers

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Rooms don't have to be entirely green to give them a fresh spring look, small subtle splashes of colour work equally as well to give an instant lift in smaller rooms.

1. Which shade of green should you choose? Look for warm greens, those with lots of yellow tones in them for the best effect. Cooler, minty shades and more vibrant shades should be used in very sunny rooms.

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2. If you swap curtains for blinds it can make a small room appear larger and blinds are a cost effective way to dress a window if you're on a tight budget. Opt for a shade of green to match walls and accessories to create a cosy informal look.

3. Create a focal wall of natural shadesaccent pillow case baby boudoir, such as greens and creams combinations. This is a great way to introduce colour into a room at night. Why not go on-trend and use big, bold foliage patterns in a room which overlooks a garden, as they'll merge with your view.

4. A refreshing minty green transforms a bright sunny space into a room that's much more sophisticated and much cooler. Use a combination of natural colours and textures to create an eclectic mix of furnishings if you want a more informal looking room.

5. If you live in an older styled house picking out panelling within a period room, is a good way of showing it off if you use a traditional colour such as pea green which was favoured by the Georgians.

6. Want a look which is opulent and sophisticated? Match green with crushed velvet golds to create a room that's feels lived in, refined and cosy. Team it with gold-framed pictures and a warm coloured natural flooring.

7. You don't have to go overboard when adding a new colour. Simply scatter new cushions on your sofa in a new shade can make a big difference to a room which is effective and inexpensive.

8. A room that overlooks a garden or has a lovely green view can really benefits from touches of green inside your home as well. Add green in your accessories, cushions or curtain fabrics.

9. If you're after a more sleek and less vibrant colour scheme drop to the other end of the green spectrum to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, add high gloss finishes on paintwork and furniture to bring the look right up to date.

10. An all white room is the perfect place to add subtle touches of green. For a feminine feel, keep the green as pale as possible, those with the merest hint of green provide a gorgeous look. For a more dominant look swap the colours around and give green the pride of place and accessorise with white voile curtains.

Pat Kim is a designer / maker based out of Brooklyn, with a knack for creating fun, thoughtful, and timeless objects – which is just one reason that we at Unison love to collaborate with him.

I had great intentions of decorating our home for fall over the weekend from top to bottom. I love everything about fall, including the color palette, cool crisp nights, beautiful breezes & leaves sweeping down the streets. So naturally, I was anxious to incorporate it into our home. But rather than spending the weekend indoors decorating, I opted to embrace all that I love about fall & went out & experienced it instead. After a whirlwind trip to New York for the BHG Stylemaker workshop, I just needed to snuggle my girls, relax & enjoy them. We went to the Forest Park Balloon Race, our neighbor’s Rib Off & a Cards game. That left our already disorganized home a little disheveled & me a bit behind. The good news is that yesterday was just the first day of fall, so I have plenty of opportunity to perfect & add fall decor to our home. This fall home tour is a series of moments in our home that you can quickly & easily duplicate. I’m honored to participate in the White Buffalo Styling Co Stylin Home Tours! I’d like to welcome those from the Thistlewood Farms fall home tour.

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