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Welcome back, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends.? Are you tired of looking at your old dated furniture?? If you’;ve been searching for an inexpensive and easy way to transform that old eye sore then you have come to the right spot!? Paint and our stencil designs can easily transform your old furniture into something new and stylish. Today we’;re sharing a DIY stenciled wooden coffee table makeover using our Prosperity Mandala Stencil from the NEW Mandala Collection.

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We’;d like you to welcome back Janna , one of the Cutting Edge Stencils owners and a creative DIYer.? Janna and her husband Greg stumbled upon a wooden table sitting curbside on their way to the office.? Rather than leave it for trash, they picked it up and decided to give it a makeover using our stencils for furniture.

For our visual fansaccent pillow case baby boudoir, you’;re going to love this stencil tutorial that Janna put together.? In this short video, she shows fans how easy it is to stencil a tabletop using a Mandala stencil.

Let’;s walk through the steps for completing this project. Here is what the table looked like when they found it sitting curbside.

The first thing they did was repair the top.? Greg sanded down the old wood and used wood glue to hold it together.

After the tabletop was prepped and ready to go, Janna decided to use one of our new Mandala Stencils for this fun project, the Prosperity Mandala Stencil.

With her opulent Mandala pattern in hand she was ready for the fun part, stenciling! Janna carefully taped the stencil down using blue painter’;s tape.

Janna made sure she brushed off any excess paint on a piece of paper towel.? Too much paint will cause the design to bleed. She painted the detailed Mandala design with Plaster Paint Simple White using a dense foam roller.? Janna made sure she covered the entire design with paint before she removed the pattern.

Once it was complete, she carefully removed the stencil from the left corner of the table and repositioned to paint the opposite right corner. Then she stepped back to admire the beautiful pattern. Are you ready to see how it all turned out?? Here is Janna’;s Mandala stenciled coffee table.

This luxurious pattern certainly adds character and charm to a once roadside table.

Tell us, which Mandala Stencil would you paint on a piece of furniture? Leave us a comment below, we’;d love to read your thoughts!

Haven’;t had enough stencil fun?

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!

Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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