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accent pillow case baby boudoi accent pillow case baby boudoi

accent pillow case baby boudoir Introducing our new scent profile, Wild Fig accent pillow case baby

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Meet the latest addition to our Scent Collection, Wild Fig.

Crafted using the most premium ingredients, we have continued to collaborated with a well-respected ninth generation British fragrance house to create the luxury range.

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Wild Fig is our seventh scent profile which is designed to transport you to a destination, evoking memories from a place in time.

Wild Fig evokes the big leafy boughs of the fig trees which amass the horizonaccent pillow case baby boudoir, wild and plentiful. This scent is a soft, heady fragrance which envelops and uplifts.

Wild Fig’s beautiful top notes of green fig leaf, raspberry and pomegranate, paired with middle notes of coconut, are complemented with base notes of blonde wood and white musk.

Including room sprays, candles, diffusers, hand washes, hand lotions and soaps, the range is perfect for bath and body use, as well as in the kitchen and laundry.

This is a ‘no sew’ project for the sewing room ;-) The things you'll need are: Sculpey clay (or similar) Baking parchment Rolling pin Baking sheet White Paint Sculpey glaze Yellow felt Cardboard Pillow stuffing Glue gun/clear glue

Each summer our family heads to Ocean City, NJ, for a week long family vacation. ?There’s nothing quite like the sound of ocean waves to make me get into relax mode! ?I also like to do a little retail therapy while I’m at the beach! ?The shops there are full of nautical theme and coastal decor! ? I love it, but I don’t live at the beach – so my home isn’t going to reflect that nautical theme or coastal style for everyday living. ?However, I do like to add touches of nautical style into my decor in the summertime. ? Today, I’m going to share a super simple way to add a touch of nautical theme decor ?for just a few dollars using books you have on hand and maps.

BERNINA Ambassador Philippa Naylor?shares her?Christmas traditions that she always makes—a new Christmas wreath for her?door.

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