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Yukon, Oklahoma, USA

I have an eclectic style. It all depends on my mood when I sit down to create. Love a little bit of color in everything, so leaving white space is hard for me. Some days I create cute simple greeting cardsaccent pillow case baby boudoir, other days I create fun messy collages.

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So many things inspire me. Fellowship with friends usually kicks things off for me. We will start talking and something will trigger a creative streak in me. Or they will ask questions on how to do something and I’;ll then start to show them. My friends are always good at helping me to be inspired. All I have to do is connect with them and usually they will have something they want to know more about. lol

Currently, I teach via YouTube and locally at Paper Arts in Edmond Oklahoma. I’;ve been known to travel all the way to Ohio for classes in the past and I’;m about to travel to Springdale Arkansas for classes soon. The classes are mainly of two categories: Greeting cards and mixed media. But I have been known to teach a sewing class or two as well. As I’;m a quilter and make wedding gowns.

any art in my studio. I love to turn on some upbeat music and just dive into my art supplies. I have a lot of supplies, just ask Christine Meier, she has seen my studio. So long as I had food and water I could stay in the room for a very long time. My dogs have a palet on the floor and love to share the space with me.

I have a flying unicorn tattoo on my leg. Years ago when it wasn’;t the thing that everyone did, I was one of those that had one. I’;ve had the tattoo for 25 years and back then it just wasn’;t something that nice girls did. When people found out that I had it, they were usually shocked. Now people think it is really cool and they said, did you just get it done? I just laugh and say, no, I’;ve had it longer than you have been alive youngin.

When I was in High School the art teacher wasn’;t very encouraging. She never really tried to help me improve. I completed an assignment that was then taken to a special show and I won a first place ribbon despite her telling me my art wasn’;t good enough. Never let anyone tell you that you aren’;t good enough. Keep creating. You can always ask for help on improving, but never let someone tell you that you are not good enough. I’;ve been featured on HGTV’;s show That’;s Clever, in magazines and have my own website. People have been purchasing things I make and come back to buy more. I love what I do and I don’;t let anyone say I’;m not an artist anymore. I say it with pride. I’;m an artist.

You can see Linda’;s work on her blog and Instagram as well as…; here, on our blog!


The talented creative director and cofounder of Jayson Home travels the world for design inspiration. Here’s how she uses her global finds in her own place to keep it current, collected, and humming with wall-to-wall art. Take a look around, and learn a few lessons from an expert.

A hand-crocheted washcloth (made with fique -- or pineapple -- yarn) takes this gift above and beyond.

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