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accent pillow case baby boudoi accent pillow case baby boudoi

accent pillow case baby boudoir Personalized Nursery Art- The Easiest Handmade Gift Ever. funny cushion covers

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We’;ve been busy playing with our new embroidery/sewing machines from Brother and we are even giving one away! I love how easy it is to make something personal with embroidery. This is a little piece of art that I made for Gordon’;s room in less than 1/2 hour. What a perfect gift for a brand-new baby! This would be beautiful hand-embroidered but you definitely wouldn’;t have it done in 20 minutes! Do you need a step-by-step for this one? Probably not but I’;ll give it to you anyway, just so you can see how simple it is to make!Remember the Crochet Pennant Garland That was one of our first DIYs!

What is your go-to quick handmade gift for new baby? Leave a comment and you might win the fun party supplies from Bake it Pretty!1. Place your tear away stabilizer and fabric in your embroidery hoop. I used the largest (6″;x10″;) hoop for my machine. I used this handy grid overlay to make sure my fabric was straight. Isn’;t this fabric panel so, so cute? It’;s Boko To Watashi for Kikohara Bonjour from Fabricworm. I can get 6-8 pieces out of the $12 panel. Nice!

accent pillow case baby canvas home decor

2. Design layout right on screen in machine. I did “;GORDON”; in large caps and then his birthdate small underneath. You could easily do a full name and add fun info like weight, time of birthaccent pillow case baby boudoir, parents names…; so many options.

3. Apply different colors to different sections so that the machine knows to stop and prompt you to change thread color.

4. Let her rip! Watch in amazement.

5. Ready for a thread change!

6. Here it is all stitched.

7. Time to snip the threads.

8. Ready to remove from hoop. Side note: I need a new iron. What should I get?

9. Tear away stabilizer. And also, do a better job at it than this. You don’;t want stabilizer between letters. When you stretch the piece on the canvas (in the next step) it will make your fabric pucker.

10. Center canvas on back of “;art”;. You can also hold it up to a light source to help with position.

11. Lift edge of fabric up and over edge. Staple using a light upholstery staple gun, or stronger.

12. Pull fabric taut and add another staple bottom –; center. Add staples centered on sides, pulling taut but not stretching.

13. Continue stapling, altering sides and pulling taut until only the corners are left.

14. tuck excess fabric up under and create nice corners. Staple in place on back.

15. Trim away excess fabric. If this is a gift, you might want to carefully trim it straight or add a panel of paper to the back, like an archival frame, with either staples or glue. And you know it might actually get hung by a new mom if you add hanging hardware.

Mine? It goes on the shelf so I don’;t have to add the hardware. I love shelves.

Pat Kim is a designer / maker based out of Brooklyn, with a knack for creating fun, thoughtful, and timeless objects – which is just one reason that we at Unison love to collaborate with him.

I had great intentions of decorating our home for fall over the weekend from top to bottom. I love everything about fall, including the color palette, cool crisp nights, beautiful breezes & leaves sweeping down the streets. So naturally, I was anxious to incorporate it into our home. But rather than spending the weekend indoors decorating, I opted to embrace all that I love about fall & went out & experienced it instead. After a whirlwind trip to New York for the BHG Stylemaker workshop, I just needed to snuggle my girls, relax & enjoy them. We went to the Forest Park Balloon Race, our neighbor’s Rib Off & a Cards game. That left our already disorganized home a little disheveled & me a bit behind. The good news is that yesterday was just the first day of fall, so I have plenty of opportunity to perfect & add fall decor to our home. This fall home tour is a series of moments in our home that you can quickly & easily duplicate. I’m honored to participate in the White Buffalo Styling Co Stylin Home Tours! I’d like to welcome those from the Thistlewood Farms fall home tour.

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