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accent pillow case baby boudoi accent pillow case baby boudoi

accent pillow case baby boudoir Size Matters- Jumbo Paperclip as Liberating, Minimalist “Purse” geometric cushion covers

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Mira Keras

I am always very attracted to things that are bigger or smaller than usual.?For example, practically speaking I should have bought a normal sized jar of honey, but this small one was too charming to resist.

funny cushion covers

I hoard hotel samples and tiny perfume bottles: my guilty pleasure…;

Mira Keras

I also love very oversized clothespins and safety pins for their play on proportion and added strength. So I was thrilled when a friend gifted me these beautiful oversized paperclips.

For the first few monthsaccent pillow case baby boudoir, I used them for their traditional use, to hold paper together, but a broken key chain inspired really fun invention: The clip makes a perfect key chain/money clip. While it’s not something that could hold every key in my life, it’s perfect for holding the key to my studio and a few dollars.

Mira Keras

It’s great to only bring this along when I step out for quick coffee breaks during my workday.

Sally Schneider

Tucking a $5 bill in the clip ensures I stick to my budget. The $5 limit makes me choose what I REALLY want to spend it on, and savor it.

Sally Schneider

—Mira Keras

Photo of tiny honey jar via Honey by Holly/Etsy

Gone are the days where only matchy-matchy patterns and prints in the home would do. Today, designers and decorators are mixing it up and creating fresh, modern looks using different pieces and prints that play off each other rather than being identical.

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