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accent pillow case baby boudoir personalised outdoor cushion covers Why Choose Performance Fabric Over 100% Cotton or Other Fabrics-

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Your bed should help you?relax and get a good night’s sleep, which depends on a number of factors – most importantly, a good mattress and the right sheets. The choice of sheets is so important because sheets impact your quality of sleep the most – ideally repelling moisture, keeping allergies at bay and holding up to years of use. Most people find that their decision on what sheets to buy centers around the fabric, which can generally be categorized into two options: those made of natural materials and those made of synthetic fibers. Cotton is the most popular natural material for sheets, while polyester is the most common material for synthetic sheets. The best of both worlds comes in the form an?athletic grade polyfiber, which is specifically engineered for comfort.

Night sweats are one of the most common reasons?to look for a new set of bed sheets. This a common problem for many people, especially menopausal women who often experience severe symptoms due to hormonal changes. In this and many other cases, polyfiber sheets perform much better than cotton in cooling and dryingaccent pillow case baby boudoir, primarily due to the smaller size of the fibers.

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Polyfiber is tightly woven using advanced technology, which repels liquids naturally. This design also gives polyfiber a number of desirable properties when it’s used to make bed sheets:

These advantages make polyfiber one of the?best materials for sheets for hot sleepers. In addition to its water repellant properties, other benefits of athletic grade polyfiber PeachSkinSheets include:

Another major difference between fabrics like cotton and performance options is how they respond to allergens. Indeed,?indoor allergies?are a common cause of poor sleep quality thanks to persistent itchy eyes, scratchy throat, sniffling and sneezing. The most common causes of these allergies are pet hair and dust mites, which can weave their way into natural fabrics. Surprisingly, sheets made of natural materials such as cotton and silk can actually contain pollen, which is normally considered an outdoor allergen.

Polyfiber on the other hand is engineered, and therefore isn’t exposed to the allergens that natural materials are. Furthermore, the tight weave of polyfiber keeps pet hair from becoming woven into the fabric, making it easier to remove from the surface during washing. Polyfiber is also naturally anti-microbial which prevents dust and pollen from adhering to the fabric.

For mild allergies, dust mite covers on your pillows, mattress and box spring may provide sufficient protection to relieve your symptoms. However, you may need hypoallergenic sheets and comforters to alleviate the symptoms of severe allergies.?Hypoallergenic and anti-microbial bedding options?are often made from polyfiber because of the small pore size that prevents allergens from becoming embedded in the fabric. Hypoallergenic bedding combined with dust mite covers offers the best protection against allergies!

Natural fibers, especially non-organic cotton, are typically treated with a large number of chemicals. However, PeachSkinSheets?polyfiber sheets?are chemical free and are never treated with pesticides.

Organic cotton is also chemical free, but it only comprises?0.7 percent?of all the cotton grown in the world. The other 99.3 percent of the world’s cotton uses more pesticides than any other crop, accounting for?16 to 25 percent?of the total pesticide use in the world.

The reason why cotton requires so many pesticides is because soft cotton fabrics are made from long fibers, which requires a long growing season. Therefore, commercial cotton must grow for a long period of time, uninterrupted from attack by its many pests. The most common pesticides used on cotton crops include Deltamethrin, parathion and thiram. Deltamethrin is considered only moderately hazardous, but it’s a known endocrine disruptor. Parathion is highly toxic with long-term effects that include a reduction in red blood cells. Thiram is moderately toxic when it contacts the skin, but is highly toxic if inhaled.

Many chemicals are also used to process cotton after it’s harvested. For example, spinning cotton into yarn requires the use of oil as a lubricant to reduce friction. Manufacturers also add chemicals like formaldehyde to strengthen the cotton fibers, in addition to various flame retardants. In total, textile production accounts for?about 20 percent?of the world’s industrial water pollution.

PeachSkinSheets are made from the same breathable, high-performance athletic-grade polyfiber used in exercise clothing. Athletic grade fabric has superior thermal control and moisture-wicking properties, which makes it the?best material for sheets for hot sleepers. PeachSkinSheets also have an ultra-soft, reversible brushed finish that provides 1500 thread count softness without the pilling, shrinkage and wrinkling that often occurs with cotton and other fabrics. Learn more – visit?PeachSkinSheets?online today!?

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