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boudoir pillow cases 5 Amazing Tips for Setting Up Your Home Office pillow covers floral

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If you belong to the category of new age professionals who have chosen to work from home, then it’s very important that you create a proper working space. And by working space we don’t mean a corner in the living room or on the bed — it’s crucial that you have a place to work that is distinctly separate from your home life. A creative and well planned home office is even more important if you ruin a business out of your home.

To assist you on this very specific dilemma, we have come up with 5 amazing tips which you will help you to set up your home office.

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Allocate the Right Space

If you are going to work from homeboudoir pillow cases, then you will be spending a lot of time in your office. So don’t treat your working space as a second class accommodation but give it the importance and attention it deserves. Start by investing in a proper desk with enough compartments and drawers for all your stuff. You can even customize your desk.

A Good Chair Should be Taken Seriously

We must say, backache caused from a bad sitting posture can be a serious bummer. Avoid using a strenuous, backbreaking, kitchen chair and replace it with a correct office chair in a patterned or colored fabric. ?Don’t get cheap and invest in a good chair.

We concur. Save money where you can, but spend as much as you can afford on a decent chair —; your back will thank you for it

Good Lighting is Important

Why not add some cheery lights to improve the setting and the mood of your workplace? Task lighting for your desk area is important but we advise that you invest in extra sources of light to make the working area more appealing.

Storage Space

A cluttered workspace can be detrimental to creativity and not to forget, depressing. Add shelves above or next to your desk to get additional storage space and to lessen desktop mess. You can use open shelves or a hutch that sits on your desk to increase your storage space.

Don’t Ignore The Walls

Blank walls can be dull and boring and that’s why hanging a nice painting or putting up a funky poster or art work will give that extra edge to your home office.

Now that you have all the tips and tricks in your arsenal, it’s time to set up your home office. Remember to get creative while opting for functional items. All the best!

This past August, I talked about creating a “teen space” that could accommodate my son and his friends in a functional, yet stylish way.

I’m often scurrying before guests arrive & don’t always have the opportunity to run to the store to pick up flowers & groceries. More often than not, I’m working with what I have, which is why I love constructing things like a crostini bar for last minute entertaining.

We all know how much I love DIY home decor, so partnering with Cricut for their newest Cricut? Explore Air 2? Martha Stewart Edition?was right up my alley! Spending time in my craft room creating beautiful things for my home is always a good day! Creating DIY Home Decor is one of my favorite things!

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