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Most women (and some men) would have experienced this situation often – an annoying skin or hair problem that makes going out embarrassing. These are not things you can deal with by going to your beautician.

Here are some issues you might face, and some hints on how to handle them.

Dark circles

This is a problem that can arise whether you are a new mom still working on your baby’s sleep schedule or if you are a party girl who stayed out too late on a Sunday night. Though you should keep in mind that a long-term solution would be to have an effective moisturising regimen for the eyes, using an eye cream that contains Vitamin E can be a quick fix. Invest in a good quality concealer with a shade that matches your skin tone, and voila – you can be good to go in five minutes.


Most women have a problem with acne around the time of their periods. For a long-term solutionboudoir pillow cases, nothing works like drinking enough water and cleaning the skin a few times a day. Use a face wash that contains salicylic acid, or one with an herbal anti-bacterial agent like neem. After this, dab the spot lightly with powder to dry it out a bit and apply a coloured foundation on top to conceal.

Cracked Heels

How embarrassing can it be when you go to the shoe store to try out a new pair of shoes, and you realise that your heels look dry and cracked. Apply a night soft heel cream and keep your socks on overnight and you’ll see a significant difference in just a couple of days. For a quicker solution, apply some moisturising foam that is quick drying and gives a slight cover to the cracks.

Stained Nails

Problems with stained or misshapen nails could arise due to deficiencies of calcium. Another big reason could be the use of too much dark nail polish that sometimes leaves such an effect. Though a quick-fix would be to cover it up again, it would be better to take some time out for a cleansing routine as mentioned above, along with specific cleaning techniques such as soaking for 10 minutes in warm water that contains some baking soda. Doing such routines consistently will show you a visible improvement within a week.

Frizzy Hair

There are some of us who don’t have ‘bad hair’ days – the frizziness and wildness of our hair makes every day seem like one of those. The first step in a case like this is to choose a hairstyle suited to the type of hair you have. It is a better idea to go for a slightly ‘undone’ look so that you can minimise your hair care routine. Also ensure that you invest in a good frizz control conditioner, ideally a leave-in one which is the best for controlling hair of this kind. Just smooth in the conditioner after washing your hair, and you are all ready for facing the day.

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