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Today marks World Sleep Day, a time to celebrate the benefits of a good night's sleep. We discuss with Brooke Meredith, Health Coach and Founder of A Conscious Collection, the importance of sleep.

As a Health Coach and Founder of A Conscious Collection, how important is sleep to you?

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Sleep is my number one priority when it comes to my health. Whilst I preach it to my clients and our audience it’s really only over the last year how much I’ve realised justhow important of a role it plays in my life. From my ability to run my business, perform at my best and also look fresh when I’min front of the camera – even a great concealer can’t hide those sleepless nights.

Sleep is key to a well functioning body. Withouta good quality sleepboudoir pillow cases, your digestion is slowed, your cognitive function is affected, your skin suffers and your serotonin levels drop, all while your appetite increases. Research proves thatsleep deprivationcan alter ghrelin and leptin levels – yourhunger hormones.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, getting a good night’s sleep can be something that becomes less of a priority. As a business owner, how do you ensure you make time for getting enough sleep?

It’s so true, and so scary to see as I have experienced firsthand just how much it can wreak havocon your body with near total burnout. Yes, I know I’m a Health Coach, but sometimes I’m so busy making sureeveryone else isequipped to be their best self you get caught up in notbeing able toprioritise your time.

I naturally have trouble falling asleep as my mind is always busy. However, I always make sure I wind down for bed at least an hour before I hit the pillow, set an evening routine and stick to it. Aiming to go to bed at the same time each night willreally set you up for healthy sleep patterns.

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What differences do you notice after a refreshing sleep? How does this affect you for the rest of the day?

You are always in a better mood after a good sleep! I notice a considerabledifference in my ability to think – there’s no foggy brain, I’m sharp, efficient and able to bring my A-game. My appetite is also controlled and I make better foodchoices which in return adds to the increased energy. Plus your skin always looks 10 x more vibrant.

What are your essentials for creating the perfect bed?

I’m a sucker for good quality sheets. I alwayschoose 1000 thread count (or more). I also can’t go without the perfect pillow that’s right for your sleep posture. It’s amazing what a difference it makes when you find a pillow that’s made for you.

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Could you talk to us about sleep hygiene and what your rituals are?

I’m a little OCD when it comes to bedtime, itdrives my partner nuts haha! It goes a littlesomethinglike this:

Switch off technology one hour before bed, or if using it turn your screen brightness right down.I always shower before bed and follow through with a good skincare routine.I then spray lavender mist on my pillow and in the air above the bed.I have a pack of affirmation cards that my girlfriends gave me. I always pull one before bed and place it face up on my bed side table.Tuck myself in and hope I nod off sometime soon.

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