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boudoir pillow cases Clever Colour Combinations - Part 5- Graphite And Green funny cushion covers

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Modern interiors look stunning in this year's graphite grey coordinated with a soft pale green. These unusual colour combination tick many of the right boxes for creating stunning interiors.

They are neutral shades which are both masculine and feminine.

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Trendy and fashionable make them ideal for modern lifestyles.

They have their distinctive qualities which compliment each other effortlessly.

Perfect for teaming with the latest grey vertical blinds for a chic and elegant style in any room within your living space.

Ideal for injecting subtle colour which is not overpowering.

The list is not exhaustive and those who love to be right up to date with interior design trends will be able to adapt and add further colours to excite and alter the entire look easily. Yellow and grey are also great in-trend colours, however, those who love the energising properties of green will be in design heaven when using these colour combinations!

Graphite greyboudoir pillow cases, despite its harsh sounding name can be a gentle and soothing colour which is ideal for coordinating with modern furniture and new design features such as metal curtain poles and the latest metal eyelet heading ready made curtains.

As grey is renowned for being a masculine colour it makes the ideal colour for creating superb interiors for loft style apartments and what used to be referred to as 'bachelor pads'! As men are now 'permitted' to openly show their feminine side without retribution adding soft yellow or green makes the ideal colour combinations for both genders in any room within the home.

Vertical blinds are now available in a multitude of wonderful colours, from the more classical white and cream to deep rich colours and the latest sherbet tones which include soft grey and cool pale greens to compliment duvet sets and curtains effortlessly and make a real alternative to the more traditional white.

Keep things simple if you elect for duvet sets which are patterned to keep the focus on the bedding beautiful bedding.

The use of wallpaper has seen a huge revival and as long as you don't over do a room with too many conflicting patterns you can still create stunning interiors, particularly if you keep within the same tones of colour. For added interest include a variety of different textures within your rooms. Look for variations of fabrics and use tactile objects to display strategically on shelves or dresser tops. The trend for a non-cluttered look has been one of the highlights of this year's interior design trends which is forecast to remain in-vogue into 2010.

‘Tis the season for soirées and shindigs, galas and get-togethers.

I’ve got several walls in my home that are killing me.? Not literally…though that DOES sound like a good horror story and Halloween IS just around the corner.

Spending so much of our time in bed, it is important your quilt feels beautiful wash after wash.

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