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Hello all, it′s Sanna here today! I want to share a fun and easy to do DIY Christmas present idea.? We had such an amazingly warm summer this year in Austria that our lavendar grew like crazy. So I plenty of dried lavendar at my hands and didn′t know what to use it for, until this idea came to me: DIY lavendar bags!?If you have pressies to send abroad, like I do, then you will probably appreciate every lightweight present idea there is. This one is lightweight AND almost all supplies can be found at home.

So I took out some old linen fabricboudoir pillow cases, dried the lavendar, and Architextures “;Grow”; Parchment Rub Ons and? started to create my lavendar bags.

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Materials I used:7gypsies –; Parchment Rub Ons, GrowOld linen fabric, Bone folderDried lavendar, Sewing machine, ribbon of your choice

Start by sewing bags from the old linen fabric with your sewing machine. Choose a size you find suitable.Since I had quite much lavendar, I made my bags bigger.Next cut images from the parchment rub on sheet free, place them face down onto a linen bag and using a bone folder, rub them onto the fabric.

Be careful to keep your image in one place to guarantee a regular image. I found that rubbing with the bone folder into one direction worked the best for me. You might prefer another technique. Just give it a try and you will soon find out what works best for you. When you have rubbed the whole image down to the fabric, remove the parchment piece and continue this process until you have decorated all sewn bags.

Here are the bags I created:

When you are done rubbing the images, fill the bags with lavender.My whole kitchen smelled amazing while filling the bags!!!Too bad there are no such things like smell and scratch blog photos :)!!!

Finally I just tied the bags with ribbon in various colours.You can pick the color after the recipients favorite color.That way each bag has a more personal feel to them.

Here are the finished bags:

The parchment rub ons transfer really nicely into a soft fabric like this! I really love using these rub ons for their great quality!!! Since these bags are not meant to be washed in the washing machine, I dind′t have to worry about the image coming off later. They will just hang in a closet and smell good, so transferring the images like this is no problem.

I hope I could inspire you to create fun DIY potpourris like this of your own!!!

Happy crafting,Sanna

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