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It’;s February 1st!!! One month closer to SPRING (my favorite!).? However, it has been up in the 70s for the past few days, so it kinda already feels like spring around here.? Crazy Oklahoma! ;)

But February means Valentine’;s day!? And because I have 3 kiddos in school, there has been a lot of chatter about their school Valentine’;s Day parties and the cards they’;ll pass out to their classmates, etc.? So, instead of buying Valentine’;s cards…;..we decided to make them this year.? But Connor and Ellie gave me strict guidelines that they didn’;t want anything too “;baby”;-ish and also nothing too “;mushy”; that would embarrass them.? Chloe is in kindergarten and is fine with whatever…;.but Connor and Ellie are in 3rd and 4th grade this year…;..and saying “;love”; and “;kiss”; and “;smooch”; are way too romantic for this age! ;)? Okayboudoir pillow cases, got it.? Keep it in the “;safe”; zone. :)

linen sheets

So, because our Michaels Maker challenge this month is centered all around this happy heart holiday…;I headed to Michaels to pick up a few supplies.

And came up with this “;Star Wars Valentine”; for Connor to take to school…;

And this “;I-Dig-You Valentine”; for Ellie to take to school.

Simple and sweet…;..but SO FUN, right???? And the best part is, that once I finished designing them, all it took was a few seconds to print, cut, and them assemble.? Nothing too complicated at all!

So if you’;d like something a little different than the standard Valentine cards you can buy at the store…;..load up your printer with some card stock, and get printing.? These really are so easy to put together.

Okay…;.card time!

First of all, print off your “;Yoda Best”; cards (link above) on your card stock.? Any color will work…;..I just chose brown!

Then, cut a diagonal slit across Yoda’;s upper body, that’;s big enough for your bubble wand to slide through.

Place a piece of Washi tape on the back of the card, to keep the bubble wand in place.

It would actually be easier to let your child sign their name before adding the wands…;.but oops, I forgot, and Connor added his after.

And now, repeat.? Until you have enough for your child’;s friends and/or classmates.

First of all, print off your “;I Dig You”; cards (link above) on your white card stock.

Then, cut them all out and let your child sign their name on the front.

Slide each valentine inside a bag, and then add a small handful of gummy worms.

Shake the worms down to the bottom so that they’;re sitting down in the “;dirt”; and seal the bag closed.

Now, repeat until you have enough for your child’;s friends and/or classmates.

And that’;s it!? 2 simple and FREE Valentine card ideas to use for sharing on Valentine’;s Day!!!



. . . . .

For a few more ideas…;check out what the other Michaels Makers have been making for Valentine’;s Day!

Our dining rooms, like our living rooms, are one of the most visited rooms and one of the rooms we will spend the most time entertaining and spending time with our guests. It is a special room that is often not very often used by us for dining purposes – often the dining room table will become a work station for us or the kids, a room where its function is utilised when company come to visit.

In my previous post about my Tiffany Inspired Wedding Invitations?I broke down the materials list and pricing for creating a set of 70 invites.? This week, I’ll include the dimensions of all the different cards used.

The art of illusion is principally to make spaces appear larger than they actually are. One of the easiest methods of achieving this is to stick rigidly to the 'no clutter' rule!

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