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boudoir pillow cases Going Green – Part 5 – Go Tropical! funny cushion covers

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Have you had enough of the winter blues? Do you want to inject some tropical sunshine in your life? Well you can - just by using some green interior design tips to redecorate your homes. When we speak of tropical, we are not only referring to lots of sunshine, but if you close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself on some distant exotic beach - the ocean a glistening turquoise, the softness of the sand beneath your toesboudoir pillow cases, the sweet smell of Amazon lilies and the sound of gently swaying palms – sheer bliss!

Everyone knows how much of a difference you can make with accessories. It could be the way forward too, if you just want to add some touches of the exotic life and leave your furniture, paint and flooring neutral. The first thing that comes to my mind is flowers and green plants - don't be shy either.

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Give attention to every room with a bamboo or white plant pot showcasing a colourful selection of vivid Anthuriums and peace Lilies. Tropical green plants are vibrant and will add life into the dullest of spaces - try Dracaenas or fern trees. The more space you have - the bigger your plants can be.

Neutrals including sand and/or stone shades should be the basis of your colour scheme. It can be risky to add bright colours to walls unless you have a large open room that gets plenty of natural light. Sofa throws, duvet covers and curtain fabrics can look fantastic in browns, creams, blues and greens.

Finally, some tips on furnishings and upholstery. What works particularly well is furniture made by weaving techniques - bamboo or rattan for example. Try going for the real deal as the plastic varieties can look very cheap if not careful. Walnut or teak are good solid woods that can be applied to furniture, used as flooring or for Venetian blinds. The overall look of your home should be breezy and light, non-cluttered and simple. Going back to fabrics, aside from block colours, you will also appreciate the numerous exotic prints such as leaf or flower patterns, zebra stripes or leopard prints.

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When looking for ways to spruce up a room’s décor, the first thing we usually come up with is colour. And while changing shades is a fantastically quick fix, it can also be really time consuming, risky and fairly messy. A much faster and easier way to alter the feel of a room is through texture.

Occasionally, to expand our horizons. we stray from the topics you might expect of Garnet Hill. This article on language was written?by Jeff Sawyer, Managing Editor

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