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boudoir pillow cases boudoir pillow cases

boudoir pillow cases Handler’s Chic Multi-Purpose Vial for Tiny Essentials geometric cushion covers

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Laura Handler

Once, necessary functional objects were quiet tokens of personal style. Wrist watches, cigarette lighters, address books and compacts brought glamour and pleasure to everyday rituals. But they are fading away.

rustic pillow covers

To fill the void, Laura Handler designed something personal, portable and beautifulboudoir pillow cases, that can’;t be replaced by a cell phone or a plastic disposable. ?The chic little vial started out as a luxurious pill holder for Cielo who wanted to bring pleasure and beauty to the ritual of pill taking. We’;ve found that it can do WAY more than that.

Laura Handler

Laura actually created a modern version of a?flacon, antique-speak for a small stoppered bottle designed to hold valuable elixirs?which may deteriorate upon contact with air. Her little hand-tooled vials?are 2 1/4″; long by 5/8″; diameter, made in the U.S.?of stainless steel and/or aluminum, with a variety of high-tech finishes, and a screw top that seals airtight with an invisible gasket. We find them to be a cool way to take the little things we can’;t live without with us everywhere. In addition to being a stylish way to take timely medications a table or in public, we’;ve used them to carry breath mints…;

…;incense sticks (broken to fit)…;

Laura Handler

…;Jasmine Pearl Tea (a few of the tiny hand-rolled balls will unfurl in hot water to make a lovely cup of tea)…;

Laura Handler

…;Essential Oil (lavender oil as SAVED us endless times when traveling and needing to mask airline or other odors…;or to just chill)

Laura Handler

…;fine sea salt…;

Laura Handler

…;a nip of alcohol…;

Laura Handler

…;not to mention Rescue Remedy, Arnica Montana pills, Vitamin D, bitters or?digestivo (good for settling the stomach), fennel seed breath candies, personal lubricant, or a tiny crystal or other good luck charm…;

We gave a flacon to a friend that always carries a little bottle of hot sauce around, as she can’;t eat anything that isn’;t spiked with it…;

Laura Handler

Handler’;s petit?flacons?come with or without a jump ring –; so that you can slip them into your jeans pocket –; or evening bag, or hang them off a key ring or chain.

Laura Handler

The flacons make great gifts, a bit of unexpected luxury that everyone can use.

NOTE: If you prefer an interior made of stainless steel, rather than aluminum, choose Faceted Gold, Faceted Stainless, Faceted Black Nickel, or Polished Stainless. You can buy them with aluminum interiors in?red, gray, blue or black.

To buy without a jump ring or to see Cielo’;s entire collection, click here.

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