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boudoir pillow cases How to Prepare your Toddler for a New Sibling personalized pillow case baby

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“Two’s company, three’s a crowd.” Who coined that phrase? An oldest child no doubt. The bond between a mother and her oldest child is special, but bringing home a newborn baby can affect this dynamic. For me, the excitement of bringing home my second child was accompanied by pangs of parental guiltboudoir pillow cases, as my love and affection would be now shared with newborn.

Some of this guilt manifested itself in strange behavior; I would look away from my newborn son when my daughter walked into the room, and try not to show too much attention to the baby. But I soon found that there was plenty of love to go around, and my feelings of guilt were unwarranted.

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When I found out I was pregnant with my third, I did more research and so far, these tips below have made the transition much smoother (and I am able to look at my new baby with my other kids in the room!):

A little extra attention and understanding will help ease the transition of bringing a baby home to your young children. Soon they too will understand that the new, larger family is a good thing, and there is enough love to go around. Readers, please share any tips you have on preparing a toddler for a newborn, I would love to know!

Follow this tutorial from Mad in Crafts to make your own image transfer kitchen towels.? PS – I’m not the only one to frame recipe cards in my kitchen… she did too!

Happy Spring, machine quilting fans! I am Lori Kennedy from say you can’t count your chickens before they’re hatched, but you can count on the baby chicks motif to add charm to your next quilt! Stitch one baby chick in the center of a square block or stitch a row of chicks to create a fun border. For a more whimsical design, add a few flowers and an eggshell or two. Doodle the motif several times to develop the muscle memory for smoother stitching and to determine the best scale for the chicks in your project!

Obviously, lighting is a pretty important factor in every room. But we say the bathroom is where lighting matters most. After all, it’s where you apply your makeup and where he shaves. It’s also where you see yourself in the mirror every morning and again in the evening before bedtime. At the sake of sounding vain, don’t you want that image to be its best? Well, then you really need the right lighting.

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