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boudoir pillow cases Reflect Your Style – Part 4 – Turning A Blind Eye funny cushion covers

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As we saw in yesterday's post most parents will be seeking a haven of peace and tranquillity in their bedrooms which is in stark contrast to a young teenagers bedroom. The key to successful design for teenage bedrooms is flexibility and in many ways turning a blind eye to what they want in way of colour scheme and design which may not be to your particular taste!

Planning is important and it is their room give them this opportunity to reflect their style rather than yours. If you stick or encourage plain colours this will make life a whole lot easier, particularly when it comes to choosing the duvet covers and window dressing. Of course you need to remember that these young people are growing up and therefore they won't want childrens curtains with child like designs and patterns, such as a superhero all the latest children's TV cartoon character.

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You will also have to give serious consideration to swapping a single bed to a double bed which may mean that you will need to rearrange the bedroom furniture and layout. Colour will be dependent on your teenagers choice and they may well want to return to the brown and beige which were all the rage in the 1970sboudoir pillow cases,These may seem outdated to you but they are a timeless classic which has never really gone out of fashion in the world interior design, all that's happened is that the accent colours have changed.

Brown and beige work well with a wide range of other colours including this year's official turquoise, yellow, red and of course white. Opt for duvet covers which are plain as this will give you more flexibility as to the accent colour your teenager chooses. Likewise for the window dressing wooden blinds or wooden Venetian blinds work very well with a brown and beige colour scheme, coordinate the colour of the blinds with flooring to create a very stylish and on-trend look which is easy to maintain. There can never be enough storage in teenage bedrooms, if you push the space for additional furniture, such as a chest of drawers, you can always opt for a large under bed storage which can easily be pulled out for cleaning and access to the contents.

This is far better than just slinging things under the bed in a haphazard fashion! If you keep the walls plain this will all also provide an opportunity for your teenager to put up posters and pictures of their choice and still keep the room looking trendy and stylish.

It is time for Part 3 of the BERNINA Rulerwork Quilt-long! Some of you have posted pictures of your progress in my Facebook Group and I’m so excited so many of you are quilting along!

In an ever more complicated world, sometimes it’s nice to take things to a simpler place. But of course here at Ballard, we still want simple to be stylish! That’s why black and white is one of our favorite color palettes. It’s classic, easy to coordinate pieces, andcan still deliver a dramatic focal point.

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