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I’;ve been keeping a secret from you.I have found THE BEST MATTRESS EVER!

It’;s the?most AMAZING, the most INCREDIBLE and BEST Mattress you could ever buy! ?(And Today’;s Creative Life readers can get 10% off!)

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Sleep is important people, so if you suffer from any sleep disorder or you just toss and turn…;…;…; I’;d seriously check this beauty out. You’;ll be sending me Christmas cards every year thanking me. It’;s THAT good!

Not to mention that?it’;s NON-Toxic, no off gassing,?(have you ever looked up off gassing? ACK!) and it has a 30 year warranty.

Who knew I’;d care so much about that, but after learning more and more about the toxicity of other mattresses and the off gassing that especially a Memory Foam mattress gives off…;…;.. it’;s frightening. Read More Here.

How can a mattress be toxic? The danger from conventional mattresses comes from off-gassingboudoir pillow cases, where toxic chemicals inside and outside of the mattress emits fumes that people breathe or absorb through the skin.

A mattress contains toxic chemicals from foam fillers, adhesives, flame retardants and waterproofing.

With new mattresses, especially memory foam based mattresses, this off-gassing is very apparent. Do a simple Google search for ‘memory foam off-gassing’ and you will find hundreds of examples where consumers purchased a memory foam bed and were unable to stand the chemical smell for the first several days of ownership. Unfortunately, this off-gassing continue to be a problem with such mattresses throughout the life of the product, even though the odor goes away.

A few months ago, I realized we would be needing a new mattress since ours was coming up on 16 years old. I’;ve always heard that you should replace your mattress every 10 years, so I was feeling embarrassed, even though it was holding up pretty well considering it’;s age. Sure it had a small sag, but I thought it was still ok.

Then I lay on my new mattress and realized that my old mattress was done a LONG time ago. I had never felt such comfort.

I started working with intelliBED, and as part of the relationship, they would be sending me a new mattress. (Yippee!)

I figured any new mattress would be good enough and I was happy to be working with them. I soon learned that the intelliBED is actually?the best mattress you can buy, and holy cow is it COMFORTABLE!!!

I knew it would be comfy, but this is the kind of comfy that every time you lie down or every time you wake up, ?you simply can’;t believe just how amazing it is.

It’;s great for back pain, sleeping disorders, fibromyalgia and so much more. Honestly, I have never been so comfortable than sleeping on my very own intelliBED.

If you’;re in the market for a new mattress, then please take a look at my Kim Recommends page.

All your questions answered in one place.?Buying a mattress is more than just buying a bed, it’;s investing in your health.

This post is sponsored. I received a new intelliBED mattress and receive compensation through an affiliate program.?

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