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boudoir pillow cases personalised outdoor cushion covers [VIDEO] How To Hang Your Art- The Commitment-Phobe Gallery Wall

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There’;s no doubt that gallery walls look amazing, but they also require an immense amount of precision and commitment to a specific look. If you’;re like me and can’;t draw a straight line with a ruler, creating a mini-museum in your living room might seem slightly (insanely) out of reach. Luckily we’;ve come up with a sleek and creative way for you to get that gallery look with a much lower commitment level. Here’;s a step by step guide that will walk you through creating an easyboudoir pillow cases, eye-catching and noncommittal gallery wall.

Using floating shelves as the base for your decor simplifies your process tenfold. Instead of having to measure and nail 20 holes in the wall, you’;ll only need 2 or 4! Shelves like the ones featured above are really easy to find, and generally pretty inexpensive which will leave more cash for the fun part: decoration. We recommend starting a collection on your S6 page, (like this) so that you can see which pieces will look good together. And, if you are into commitment (good for you!) check out this?really great how-to guide for a full-scale gallery wall.

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personalised outdoor cushion covers

How do we campaign greater progress of the society if women had not existed? From giving birth to working in various dimensions, she stands out to make the best in each way possible. The idea behind celebrating the?International women’s day 2019?crowns the value of the woman in our society. Since then, a lot of women has stepped ahead from the slashes and patriarchy yet gender inequality is sufficed in some corners of the world.

I added a graphic pop of color to the dining room with silhouette art. ?I have wanted to make a set of family silhouettes forever. ?The dining room was the perfect place to add this whimsical, personalized touch. ?I wanted the family represented, but without literal images. ?The silhouettes also gave me the opportunity to add a splash of lime (or chartreuse) to the teal wall above the board and batten wall treatment. ?I created the series on three 18 x 18″ canvases and one 18 x 24″ canvas. ?The silhouettes are slightly larger than life-size for big impact.

A simple length of velvet-look fabric can be the starting point for an array of Christmas projects. Try your hand at one of these easy yet luxe-looking decorations

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